Mitch S. M.D.

I grew up in the sixties and had been a gutar hack for 50 years. I never really learned to play until I began lessons with Mike. I can now easily play along with any song I want, join others and jam or even go to an open mic without total fear, well maybe a little fear! No pressure, no judgement, this was like learning with a friend.


Deborah R. Strategist for CDPHP

I have taken guitar from Mike for three years. His knowledge, technical expertise and experience provide a well-balanced learning experience. Mike takes his time to understand your unique needs and abilities to design your lessons accordingly. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or advanced player, he knows exactly what to teach you or how he can help keep you heading forward.


Rev. Phyllis H.

I loved my guitar lessons with Mike! He was always very patient and helpful as I struggled with chords and how to strum correctly. If a health concern hadn't stopped me, I'd still be taking lessons from Mike. In fact there is nothing I'd enjoy more than calling him right now and saying, "Hey Mike, would you taken an old student back?"


Devon - Age 16

I have been Mike Morgan's student for over a year. This year I learned a great deal about guitar and I see vast improvement in my playing ability. Lessons are enjoyable; I look forward to my lesson each week. Mike is a great teacher. I highly recommend him.

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